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What exactly is Cashback?
Cashback simply means that you can earn money back when you shop. For example, you may be able to get 2% cashback at a specific retailer so if you spend £10 you will get £0.20 back. This effectively means that you have only spent £9.80.

Sometimes cashback is given as a set amount, for example £1 for buying a particular product or signing up to a website.

How are these sites able to give you money back on your shopping?
Cashback sites are what are known as affiliates of the retailers that they have on their sites. As affiliates, whenever you click though and make a purchase, the retailer pays the cashback site a small portion of what you spend. The Cashback site then gives a portion of this money to the you. The amount depends on the Cashback site

Is it really worth it? 1 or 2 percent cashback doesn't seem that much.
It soon adds up and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can earn by going through a cashback site. We do it and wouldn't consider buying online any other way. In short, the answer is yes, it is worth it.

I'm still confused / unsure / have more questions.
Feel free to contact us for whatever reason and we will do our best to help.

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Just follow these steps to earn free Cash whenever you shop online

Select a Cashback site from the list
Enter your details and wait for confirmation
Shop online through the cashback site and earn extra cash!!

Why Join Cashback sites?

  • Earn cashback on purchases
  • Most Cashback sites are free to join
  • Earn cash for joining other sites
  • Get special offers through Cashback sites

Surveys are Ideal for anyone who wants to earn a little extra cash especially

  • Students
  • Homemakers
  • or anyone that needs to top up their income